Some Amazon reviewers have complained about the build quality of these, but
I find the Siig SonicBuds to be excellent, and they are only $10 at Amazon
(Fry's has 'em for $20.)

Great sound, tangle free flat cable, three different sized silicone earbuds
for comfortable fit.  I've used these for editing, and even some
preliminary mixing while on the road with my laptop, and they sound great,
more like a decent pair of headphones than earbuds.


On Wed, Jan 6, 2016 at 10:20 AM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> My wife turned me on to these Skull Candy earbuds:
> I like they because they stay in my ear securely, not the case with most
> earbuds. They are very lightweight, and have a bunch of bass. The top end
> is not shrill like, for instance, stock Apple earbuds, which to my ears
> makes the top end of lossy formats much less objectionable. Definitely not
> for critical listening, but I would say they are the most comfortable and
> best designed I've had for the gym and walking while listening to the iPod.
> Because they fit securely in my ears, I find I can operate the device at a
> lower volume level, and they work very well drowning out the pounding pop
> palaver at the gym. Recommended for their utility and value, if not for the
> high fidelity sound reproduction (although, to my ears, the right kind of
> fidelity is emphasized, and the worst of lossiness is de-emphasized). The
> ridiculously low price makes them appealing for, say, a language lab or
> school film-production program. Give every student a pair for the cost of a
> McDonald's lunch.
> -- Tom Fine

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