I intended this to go to the list, but apparently I just replied to Ron.  I
can also add that Starr-Gennett has its own site <> that is very
informative about history, but maybe less than one might want about current
events and sites that you could visit in May. The Wayne County Museum looks
to be a worthy place for a visit if one does find themselves in Richmond
tracking down Gennett, even if most of what is there looks unrelated to the
history of recording.

Peter Hirsch
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I have passed through Richmond, Indiana on a few occasions and suggest that
it might be worth at least a small detour. There is both a wikipedia and
governmental site for the town, though neither of them give a lot of useful
information about where to find the remains of Gennett history in present
day Richmond. I hope that someone on the list can help out with this. I do
recall driving past various old houses with plaques detailing the history
of Gennett, so I know that they are there but not their exact location. I
also remember that I had lunch at a place called Little Sheba's (not bad,
but not exceptional) that seemed to be in the antique district. I recall
that some of the shops had some local old-time stuff, but I did not have
time to check them out.

Maybe someone else can elaborate.

Peter Hirsch

On Sat, Jan 9, 2016 at 8:43 AM, Ron <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> How about visiting the Early Television Museum in Hilliard, Ohio, a suburb
> of Columbus, Ohio.
> Ron Roscoe
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> I have about a week to spend on my way to the ARSC conference, travelling
> slow, and would much appreciate suggestions on where to go and what to see.
> Any recommended itinerary? Direct or via Ohio / Illinois?
> Scenic sights? Which is the best restaurant (quality not quantity. Or is
> there more than one...)? Any recommended overnight stays (including
> Chicago)? Antiqueing? 78s shops? Any shellac disc collectors to meet?
> African American institutions? Museums for naive and modern art?
> Landmarks of the recording industry?
> Thanks,
> Rainer
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