On 1/20/2016 8:49 PM, Lou Judson wrote:
> I wish people would hire engineers to record oral histories!

Wouldn't that be Nirvana?

I recall that there was one client who had a mix of reels and cassettes 
of oral histories. They started out with reels. Someone made cassette 
copies of the reels so the client wanted me to digitize the cassette 
copies, but she didn't want to pay the extra cost of digitizing from the 
reels (the reels needed baking). I dropped my price on the reels as I 
refused to do it from the cassettes when the reels were still 

The reels were good--even the 1.88 in/s ones, though the odd 7.5 in/s 
one was spectacular. Anyway, I convinced myself that the reels were 
recorded by someone who knew what they were doing with a good external 
mic (like usually came with a Uher).

So then they got to the cassettes...yup, $29.95 drugstore cassette 
recorders with built-in mics sitting just far enough off tables...


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