Hi, Barbara,

We hate to see you go.

What I do to lists (ARSC is not one of them) that have limited current 
interest for me, is I have my email client (Thunderbird) sort all my 
lists each into an individual folder.

For limited-interest lists, I set up additional filtering that marks all 
the messages read UNLESS they have a certain keyword in them. In this 
way, you could see all the messages as unread that say "Vitaphone" in 
them but you'll also have the entire archive (from the time you joined) 
should you wish to go back and search a related topic.

For example, I have about 66,000 messages from ARSCList dating back to 
when I joined in 2001. They are searched in a global search of all my 
emails (probably well over a million). Many searches run in under a 
minute even with that many emails as everything is indexed in a database.



On 1/4/2016 11:14 PM, Barbara Witemeyer wrote:
> Just got to this, David. Thanks so much.
> "The Sortabiography" I have; the author, my father, Stanley Watkins, gave a (carbon!) copy to each of his children, and a lot of other folk too, including the Murray Hill archives. I may have to go back there as I did a lot of research in their archives some years ago, but didn't see the Museum. Sheldon Hochheiser was my contact; he wrote a small chapbook about the start of the talkies which features SSAW.
>   I will have to look up "America on Record." And I have been in contact with Ron Hutchison of the Vitaphone Project.
> I think I will have to unsubscribe from the ARSCLIST as my inbox is flooded with conversations that are not relevant to me; will I still be able to get information about the Bell Labs, and Vitaphone, or ERPI, Western Electric? I don't really know how these things work.
> Again, I do appreciate your help. Happy New Year.Barbara
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