Interesting interview with Krause in the latest issue of Outside Magazine:

For those not familiar, Krause was a synthesizer pioneer. He and Paul Beaver were the west coast 
version of Walter Sear (earliest Moog adopters, sales reps for Moog in the early days, creators of 
Moog sound effects for various commercial, cinema and music clients), plus they took a more serious 
direction with the synthesized music they created (Nonesuch Guide to Electronic Music, etc). There 
is a lot about Beaver and Krause in the book "Analog Days," about the dawn of sythesizers and heyday 
of electronic music (electronic music was of course invented and moved forward before the invention 
of the Moog and Buchla synthesizers).

Here is the Whacky Packia page about Krause, which seems pretty accurate to me:
and here's a link to the book I mentioned:

Here is Krause's website:
These are great days for the kind of recordings he makes because small, portable digital recorders 
can be packed with memory and left recording for hours or days, so humans can move away and the 
animals can act naturally.

-- Tom Fine