You get The Three Ring Circus "Groovin' On The Sunshine"!

Here's a Guardian article about the album with a Spotify stream link:

Crazy 1968 nuttiness in the NYC music scene! Note that producer/originator Robert Allen is a famous 
composer of some mega mellow hits:

This album is pretty far from Perry Como! It's an extreme version of what the big record companies 
were doing "trying to get in touch with the kids" in the late 60's. This Billboard article details 
the nutty promotional activities around the initial single release (mimes

There are some trippy sounds here, but no early synths. I suspect it was recorded at A&R because Don 
Hahn is listed as the engineer, and he was working at A&R in 1968.

Note also that they apparently ran out of material because most of side B is the instrumental tracks 
of tunes on side A!

Most of all, how about that cover! It makes Mercury's famous "scary clown cover" look tame:

Enjoy the trip!

-- Tom Fine