I thought LDS was the Soria series, stereo versions. Those were the Living Stereo albums with the 
deluxe packaging designed by Dario Soria. I think it was both classical music (orchestral and 
soloists) and some operas.

-- Tom Fine

PS -- the real-deal Soria Series packaging is always worth buying, even if only beat-to-death mono 
LPs are inside. The design is gorgeous and the booklet text is informative and in-depth. The 
printing is also no-cost-spared. You can sometimes find these albums in the dollar bins at record 
stores because old classical vinyl doesn't have too much value anymore, in most cases. The prices 
can be inflated online, but you don't have to search dusty bins.

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> Addendum (sorry, list!): Dennis mentioned that LPM was popular; this is
> also mono, and the corresponding popular stereo series was prefixed with
> LSP.
> MS