Available for $100 plus shipping:

1. a working, excellent condition Toshiba model HD-XA1KN HDDVD/DVD/CD player:
Here is a review from when it came out, original list price was $800:
Note that this player includes HDMI output, as well as component video out and 5.1 surround audio 
analog outs, plus a wired LAN socket to access online features of some HDDVD discs.

Includes original remote control and power cable. plus original user manual.

2. the following HDDVD movies, all in excellent condition and in original packaging:
"The Warriors" ultimate director's cut
"King Kong" 2006 remake
"World Trade Center"
"Old School" unrated version
"Black Snake Moan"

The package weight will be about 28 pounds. It's a super-solid piece of gear.

Please ping OFF-LIST if interested.

-- Tom Fine