Thanks Chris. Yes, MediaFire is widely used by those who post RAR files of LP rips and other semi- 
or illegal things. I am hesitant to use it because it sometimes imposes popup ads on the person 
downloading, but it is an option.

Speaking of which, Dave Lewis posted last week about Paul Bley. These blog postings include links to 
download audio of unavailable-through-US-channels albums:

1. his first album for Emarcy:

2. the 1968 album "Mr. Joy," the music of which is far more conventional than the cover art!

-- Tom Fine

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> Tom Fine said "Anyone who knows a better no-fee system, I'm all ears.
> I have a lot of offbeat and obscure audio I'd love to share,"
> I've found that Dropbox is unreliable for large files. During uploads
> if the connection hiccups then the file is corrupt. You only find out
> after someone downloads it. Also Dropbox is non-re-startable.
> Mediafire is re-startable, and it verifies the integrity of an upload
> at the end. And it's free.
> Chris B. .