Doug, thanks. Several people recommended Terry and I am sending him a pair of rollers next week.

-- Tom Fine

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For the pinch roller, you can try Terry's Rubber Rollers.
He replaced the roller on my Otari 5050, and did a great job.
Price was reasonable.

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> Date:    Thu, 31 Dec 2015 11:42:36 -0500
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> Subject: seeking excellent, reputable technician to restore a Technics 1520 reel deck
> I am wondering if any ARSC Listers have had a very good experience with a Technics restoration 
> tech.
> I need one of my 1520 decks completely checked over and fixed back to factory spec, mechanics and
> electronics. I'll send the headblock out to John French. I need someone reliable and expert,
> preferably in the greater metro NYC area. These decks are complex and somewhat finicky to get back
> to factory spec. This one was ill-adjusted by someone. Its mechanics are worn but functional, but
> the electronics are definitely out of whack. I'd want to tensions and brakes especially looked
> after, they seem wrong.
> Also, does anyone know a good source for refurb'ing Technics pinchrollers?
> Thanks in advance for useful tips/references.
> Just to be clear, I'm not seeking some kind of "audiophile" modifications or "re-skinning"
> cosmetics -- I want someone factory-trained to work on these things to restore this to original
> working condition.
> -- Tom Fine