My favourite is QNAP TS-X53 PRO. I have bought two of them, though one 
was defective it has been replaced. Stuff happens to every vendor.

I have had a TS-569 Pro for two years and the X53 is a lot faster. The 
X69 is now my backup with five 4 TB WD Reds.

I am involved with two X53 models. One I bought last year for the 
Historical Society where my wife works, a 453 and we have four WD Red 2 
TB drives in it RAID-6 as we only have about a half TB of storage now, 
but we're doing some videos...that accounts for about 150 GB on top of 
the 350 GB we scrounged off the XP "server" that had been around. My new 
one is an 853 with eight 3 TB WD Reds (four recycled from the 569).

QNAP's user interface is pretty good, though I have some complaints with 
it which I have aired and I believe they are working on one of my major 
annoyances. I currently have about 8900 GB in about 876,000 files 
separated into about 63,000 folders.

My largest single share is 2500 GB with about 216,000 files in 3,300 
folders. That represents the approximately 100,000 images that I have 
either scanned or shot as born digital. They boys have contributed 
another 40 GB of image files (they don't shoot raw, thankfully). Various 
media (both personal and work) is about 4200 GB. About 1400 GB is taken 
up with machine image and other backups. About 250 GB contains manuals, 
journals, and other collected "information" resources.

With that said, I have been happy with my older pair of Thecus N5200 Pro 
units 2008-2015 and my only complaint about the 2007 vintage Netgear 
(Infrant) ReadyNAS is that they were slow. I ended up with five of these 
and only one has failed. The CPU fan has failed in one of the Thecus 
units but I was already planning on putting them on the shelf when this 
happened (how do they know?).

In asking around, most people who I asked thought that QNAP was on top 
right now. I can't speak for any other current units. I have a grant 
proposal in to provide an historical society with a 4-slot NAS and 
provide a federation of societies with an 8-slot NAS to act as backup 
for multiple individual societies. The grant application was built 
around QNAP and WD Reds (though the 8-slot was budgeted to have 
server-level drives).



On 1/15/2016 1:16 AM, Shai Drori wrote:
> Okay, so what is the favorite NAS these days?

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