Ampex 456 is the "poster child" for Sticky Shed Syndrome. It was the 
top-of-the-line tape at that point in time...and until the end of 
Quantegy, although, I think GP9 came later (via 3M), 456 was still made.

I can't help you out with baking times for 2-inch tape, but temperature 
is 54 °C. I suspect in a typical Nesco Food Dehydrator (with 
Adapt-a-trays added for the height for 2-inch. I don't know if you need 
one or two empty "rings" for 2-inch--I suspect two. If you have 14-inch 
reels, none of the NESCO products really fit, but the big one will let 
you do a 14-inch tape pack without flanges. 10.5 fits in the common 
(lower cost) units that have Adapt-a-trays for them.

I attempt to keep this list up-to-date,  but maybe I should make some 
additions? Anyone?

DO NOT try and play that tape without baking. Your audio guru who is 
doing 24-tracks should be up to speed on this and should have baking 
facilities. Some use scientific ovens.



On 1/27/2016 11:29 AM, David Crosthwait wrote:
> Hello Tom and Richard,
> In my digging through a church archive yesterday with new clients, we uncovered many reels of 24 track on 2" among other audio tapes. One tape of interest I have with me, destined to a comrade here in town who is as passionate about vintage audiotape recovery as we are with videotape, is a 24 track on "Ampex Grand Master" 456 from 1988 in a cardboard box. It has track assignments within. The tape has leader breaks. In a test of sorts, we are going to link this up with a 1" C of the concert (same production, same date) to create a new stereo mixed version. I've done this before so I am familiar with the routine. The question to you two (and others) is: What should we expect from a stickiness standpoint (if any) from 1988 vintage "Grand Master" 456?
> The client has multiple reels of this concert so this is a test of sorts. The 24 track will create a ProTools session for the mix down and new stereo imaging (5.1?), to be done at the client's facility. I'm going to be remastering the 1" C today to file (it too is in stereo albeit with weak L-R imaging as viewed on the phase scope). It's a full orchestra with choir.
> Thank you.
> Best Regards,
> David Crosthwait
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