This reminds me of the old "record company record player" model -- at one time all of the record 
companies slapped their brand on cheapo portable record players that were DESIGNED to destroy vinyl 
disks, so the kids would have to keep replacing them. RCA, Columbia and Mercury advertised these 
record wreckers on their inner sleeves. I think RCA manufactured their own. The Mercury units were 
made by Norelco (Philips). Not sure about Columbia's.

-- Tom Fine

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Haven't read the specs but I doubt a $50 turntable comes with a stylus - to say nothing for a 
cartridge - appropriate for the playback of 78s. That's probably not the demographic they're 
shooting for. Rather, I imagine they're courting millennials who buy LPs at Barnes & Noble, Urban 
Outfitters, etc.


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Hello all

Does that $50 turntable come with a 78s stylus?
I understand it's not a Technics SL-1200, but if it's going to play 78s, it needs to have a 78rpm 
stylus included.
Does anyone know, please?

Ben Roth

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"Millions of People are Buying This $50 Turntable" By Paul Resnikoff

Itís simple.  Itís cheap.  And itís selling like mad.  According to Amazon, the Jensen JTA-230 3 
Speed Stereo Turntable with Built-in Speakers was the best-selling home audio product over the 
holidays, easily trumping more expensive stereo systems.

That includes the Yamaha RX-V677 7.2-channel Wi-Fi Network AV Receiver, which placed second in the 
holiday ranking.  The RX-V677 is a strong-selling, sophisticated receiver that includes support for 
Apple AirPlay for seamless iOS audio compatibility, not to mention Mac and Windows PC wireless 
support.  Thatís been a hit for Yamaha, though the RX-V677, discounted at $370, is out-of-reach for 
most music fans.

Which introduces the obvious question: who needs an expensive, high-end digital stereo system when 
you can have a belt-driven, old school turntable for $50?  The Jensen is an all-in-one, 
budget-conscious solution, with three-speed support (33, 45, 78) for any old-school vinyl playback 
need.  It even has a the speaker built-in, for plug-and-play instant gratification.

For those looking for some digital accoutrements, the JTA-230 also has a USB and aux port for 
attaching devices or more speakers.  Thereís also a high-end, sophisticated WiFi-enabled 
multi-channel EQ ó just kidding!  The JTA has none of that, though it does have a volume knob.
Indeed, simplicity is the secret of this success story, and so is the
price: for those looking for post-Christmas bargain, the Jensen is now
$48.99 on Amazon.

The surprise success story coincides with another banner year for vinyl, with cheaper turntables 
filling a massive void.  According to just-released stats, sales of LPs jumped another 52 percent in 
the US
alone, with a similar story emerging across the pond.   But a lot of
those sales are for LPs that are never played, because a large percentage of buyers donít own 
turntables (and typically canít afford them).

[From Sam: I doubt that millions have been sold. Maybe they meant it to be "Millions of Records Will 
Be Ruined By This $50 Turntable"]


:Technics New SL-1200G Turntable Will Reportedly Cost $4000" By Charlotte Hassan

Earlier this week at the CES convention in Las Vegas,Panasonic and Technics announced the return of 
the SL-1200 class of turntable.
According to reports the product will cost $4,000, which is a massive increase from the £1200 that 
it cost for the SL-1200.

The newly upgraded SL-1200G Grand Class edition comes on the 50-year anniversary of the leading 
turntable company. The new version aims to resolve some of the structural issues that have plagued 
some of their older models. The new upgraded features include a core-less motor that eliminates the 
vibrations that plagued the older version and rotational positioning sensors that will even out any 
remaining vibrations.

Although the updated product brings various additional benefits, there is a potential downfall Ė The 
high price point of the new SL-1200G places it in the luxury category, which potentially puts it out 
of reach for certain price conscious customers or casual fans who do not use turntables 

Without doubt, Technics are premium pieces of musical gear, however the price point is more than 
double the retail price of the previous Technics turntable, so customers will be expecting a 
significant jump in performance to justify that expenditure.  Panasonic will be relying on DJs and 
music enthusiasts the part with their money.

The models wonít be released until summer, so the verdict wonít be delivered until then.