For what it's worth, I've been very impressed with reliability of the 2TB and 1.5TB drives I've 
bought. I have two Glyph 2TB in the studio, set up to mirror each other. 2+ years and still going 
strong, knock wood. The cheapo fan on the enclosure has gone bad on one of them, and Cortland 
NY-based Glyph sent me several spares. I have buss-powered USB3 drives from WD and Seagate, all of 
which work great. And my networked RAID has a pair of 2TB WD Red drives in it, running 24-7 for 
almost 2 years now, knock wood. I haven't tried any drives larger than 2TB so far.

-- Tom Fine

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Hah! That’ll save some storage costs… NOT!

Makes me think about the ever increasing sizes of hard drives - the larger capacity they are, the 
smaller the actual disc real estate per byte. this is approaching the old spy movie microdot! :-) 
All the secrets of the free world, in a thing so small you cannot see it!
Lou Judson
Intuitive Audio

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> Most of us could start storing all of our music, video, and photos on a
> single 2.5 in SSD this year. Assuming 13TB will be enough to accomodate one
> collector's files:
> Heck, get an extra to have some safe redundancy.