20 years I could have said stop using dat and use this new Zip drive or jaz drive... Now with hindsight despite its pitfalls I'm guessing dat is the preference?

Personally I can't stand lto but still use it every day and wil do for many years to come because it's so wide spread. Therefore lto is my recommendation for your project.

Rdx is cool but you might as well use any hard disk right?  And we know that drives are for transport and not long term storage. So despite the attractiveness of rdx I'd leave it there. 

My workflow in your situation would be cards to a computer with mirrored drive then once collected enough data purge to lto (pair) and then wipe drives but keeping the cards.

Out of interest do you suffer much data loss on the cards?

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> On 26 Jan 2016, at 21:30, "subscribe arsclist Jayney Wallick Jayney Jayney Wallick Bard at Large (206) 286-6691" <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> Hi There,
> I record live music, and have been doing so since 1974. Several years ago I 
> managed to transfer what I wanted to save to DDS tape, until I started 
> recording to Compact Flash cards in 2012. Since then I've been backing 
> everything up to LTO until late last month/year when my computer's power 
> supply failed, frying the LTO drive in the process. I have only filled up 
> one LTO tape in that time, and had started a second late in 2014. The 
> partial tape had to be sacrificed to run the diagnostics used to determine 
> that the LTO drive was damaged.
> I know of a service that can transfer LTO tapes to other media. My research 
> seems to indicate that both RDX drives and LTO tapes are life-tested to last 
> 30 years. Given that the RDX drive can be an external USB drive, and the LTO 
> drive has to have a computer-specific SAS or some other such card to support 
> it, and requires separate installation, which of these media do you think is 
> more archival? Just to be clear, I record on two compact flash cards, so 
> already have the audio files in two places when I leave the concert, and 
> then go home and back them up to have a third place. Do you think there's an 
> advantage, archivally speaking, between LTO and RDX, or is it six of one, 
> and half a dozen of the other? I'd like to make a purchase decision by 1-29-
> 16 if at all possible, so if someone could please reply soon I'd greatly 
> appreciate it.
> Many thanks,
> Jayney