Fascinating! A regular drive in a fancy box. I can see advantages if bouncing around in some sort of voyage, but otherwise - will a normal SATA drive last 30 years? And donít ALL drives park the head away from the platter? I thought they do.

Thanks! I was wondering what RDX was. Now I know. Like an Otterbox on a phone. A normal phone.

Lou Judson
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> An intereting fact about RDX I believe : please check on the video I just found there :
> and please do not miss the instructive comments among which one understands that RDX is nothing else than a common 2.5'' harddrive (brand is seagate) into a plastic box with a bit of rubber suspension. Do not be cheated ! I believe a bunch of external drives  (USB or E-SATA) will do the same job and save your money.