I appreciate the update.  

I'm particularly seeking data about the lawsuit by Victor Herbert with the Zonophone interests, Zonophone being a trademark of Universal Talking Machine which, while underway, morphed into one against Eldridge Johnson when, after  the sale of Zonophone to The Gramophone and Typewriter Company, the latter sold Zonophone's U.S. interests to Johnson, individually or as President of the Victor Talking Machine Company- sources differ.   I'm hoping for dates to firm up a timeline intertwined with other recording industry events of that period and clarify the numerous interpretations of these incidents on line and in print.  I'm making some assumptions here and hope documents you might supply would fill out the picture.  I don't care about being right before I have the facts, only after.  

This is part of my presentation for the May ARSC Conference, should my proposal be accepted.  It's called, "Victor Herbert, the Law and the Evolution of the Recording Industry."  Even if it not accepted, I'll give a more full version, longer than the 35 minutes the ARSC conference can allot, at a local chapter meeting in DC.  

You may be aware of other data that throws light on these events which I would welcome.  I've been through the documents at the Johnson Museum in Dover, but their copies of the Johnson correspondence leave off somewhere in the middle of the letter "S".  

Many thanks.

Steve Smolian

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Hi, Karl,

My two primary audio editors that perform widely different tasks and have very different capabilities can both do this: Samplitude and iZoptope RX.

On 1/6/2016 8:26 PM, Karl Fitzke wrote:
> Thanks for the interest in these discs.  Great to find out more.
> I wonder if Shai uses Diamond Cut software for this task?  I used to 
> use
> DC6 to correct for speed changes that were pretty linear and slow, e.g.
> batteries dying in portable cassette recorder used to record a
> professors lectures.  That was like eight years ago though!   Haven't
> had such issues to deal with since then, and I now see Diamond Cut is 
> up to version DC8.
> -Karl
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