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Although registration for the New England Archivists Spring 2016 Meeting
does not open until this coming Monday, January 11th, the program is
available online now <>.
Browse through sessions, plenary speakers, workshops, and the many special
events planned throughout the meeting.

Two of those special events still need participants. Both events will be
interesting ways to view archives and archivists and we hope you'll take
the opportunity to join us for either *Moths in the Archives: Stories from
the Stacks* on Friday or Home Movie Day on Saturday.

*FRIDAY APRIL 1STMoths in the Archives: Stories from the Stacks*

Do you know a good archives story? Have you ever had something interesting
or unexpected happen while in the archives? Something funny, weird, wise,
or unforgettable? Tell us about it during NEA's first StorySLAM: *Moths in
the Archives: Stories from the Stacks*.

Based on the StorySLAM competitions developed by NYC non-profit literary
society The Moth, there are only four groundrules to the NEA competition at
the Spring 2016 Meeting:
-- First rule is all stories must be true
-- Second rule is all stories must be told, not read.
-- Third rule is there is a 5-minute time limit.
-- And fourth rule is to keep it anonymous -- don't betray confidentiality

Bring your wit and wisdom to the masses of New England archivists who are
just waiting to hear a good story. And at the end of the evening, scores
will be tallied and a winner announced. Submit an outline of your story to
be considered eligible for the NEA competition

Questions? Contact Matt Spry ([log in to unmask]) for information about the
NEA event at the Spring 2016 Meeting. And get some great storytelling tips
<> on The Moth's website.

*FRIDAY APRIL 1STHome Movie Day*

*A home movie is a short amateur film or video typically made just to
preserve a visual record of family activities, a vacation, or a special
event, and intended for viewing at home by family and friends. (Wikipedia)*

Archivists know better than anyone how much home movies are an important
aspect to documenting everyday life and cultural history. To celebrate
these unique films found in countless archival collections across New
England, NEA will host a Home Movie Day
<> screening and discussion
during the NEA Spring 2016 Meeting led by Liz Coffey, Film Conservator at
Harvard Film Archive.

But first we need submissions. We are asking NEA members or *any* archival
repository in the New England region to submit a home movie to be screened
to an audience of archivists. Formats accepted: 8mm, super 8, super 8
sound, 16mm, VHS, DVD, digital files (playable via laptop). *And please
note: all films will be handled by archivists and returned with care.*

If you wish to submit a film or video for this unique event, please
complete a submission form
for consideration before January 15, 2016. Any questions, contact John
Campopiano ([log in to unmask]).

To quote John Waters: "Home Movie Day is an orgy of self-discovery, a
chance for family memories to suddenly become show business. If you’ve got
one, whip it out and show it now."

New England Archivists
Communications Committee