We designed a housing for cracked and/or broken lacquers a few years ago. I presented it at the 2012 ARSC conference in Rochester. A neglected journal article draft is begging for my attention. 

Happy to share the slideshow with anyone that writes to me directly. 


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I was thinking, for 10" and 12" disks, you might be able to concoct something using American Harvest
food dehydrator shelves. A stack of shelves would give the damaged disks plenty of clearance. And, I
think each tray/shelf easily supports the weight of a single disk long-term without sagging
(although you might want to test this). I would think you could stack as high as you thought
prudent, maybe 5-10 high. These stacks could then be placed on standard shelving. The pricing direct
from the manufacturer is here:

You probably need to modify the center of the trays, cut out the "riser" or maybe put a donut of
foam around it so the disk is cushioned further. You might also be able to negotiate a wholesale
discount if you ordered many trays.

Unfortunately, this option doesn't work for 16" disks.

-- Tom Fine

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As part of NEDCC's IRENE service, we've designed a custom enclosure for damaged/delaminating discs,
which allows them to be stored flat and keeps excess pressure off of the disc surfaces (or at least
the top surface, based on which side you choose to place up).  At the moment, our preparator makes
them one-at-a-time as needed for clients' projects, so they are as expensive as a custom clamshell
box for a rare book--$350 per unit.

But, if there were enough of a potential demand, because discs are of standard diameters, we could
work with a vendor to produce them in greater volume to make the per-unit cost reasonable.  If you
contact me off-line, I can send you photos.


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Subject: [ARSCLIST] boxing options for cracked/damaged lacquer discs

Hi all,

Wondering if anyone has a product they'd like to recommend for flat storage of discs that can longer
be stored vertically. We've got some metal edge boxes that are seemingly perfect for 10 and 12 inch
discs (adding internal foam padding of course, but haven't really settled on anything for 16" discs.
And before I start just perusing catalogs, I figured I'd ping the list.


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