Hi Duane.

Aren't Photo-Flo and Dawn redundant?


On Mon, Jan 18, 2016 at 7:16 PM, H D Goldman <[log in to unmask]> wrote:

> My only reply to the list on this matter is to make sure it is understood
> that I DID NOT NOR WOULD I EVER OFFER to work with Tom Fine on anything.
> My apologies for my part in these exchanges.   I will never again respond
> to any of his post & unless directly addressed will never again comment to
> this List on anything related to the cleaning of disc recordings.
> Interested parties are alway welcome to call, write or email.
> It’s sad to learn that the human ear & brain are incapable of making the
> necessary comparisons.  I guess we’ll just have to wait for 100 discs of
> various types to under go evaluation by IRENE.
> With Respect to the Name Calling   ….  as the saying goes…. consider the
> source.  Your opinions of yourself, Mr. Fine are highly overrated.
> All this makes me sorry I ever started this work ….. it was just about
> establishing reference points for recorded sound & the pleasure of hearing
> the results.  You can’t possibly believe there’s much of a living to be
> made from this exercise.  Handmade products require time & labor & you have
> to pay someone fairly if you want to trust their work.   All of our
> materials are oil-based & regardless of what gasoline prices are doing,
> these items only get more expensive every year.
> It’s impressive to realize how many people I’ve duper into wasting their
> money.  A few drops of Photo-Flo, a few shots of your favorite
> beverage & a little Dawn is all it really takes ….. the secret is out.
> Regards,
> Duane Goldman
> H D Goldman Lagniappe Chemicals Ltd.
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> > On Jan 18, 2016, at 2:45 PM, Tom Fine <[log in to unmask]> wrote:
> >
> > Duane,
> >
> > You have a right to your opinions. Rather than making continued personal
> attacks, prove your claims with science. Or go away. As I said before, your
> go-to move of personal attacks indicates the weakness of your claims.
> >
> > You've now ventured into a-hole territory wrt personal attacks. Your
> business model seems to be built on charging a lot of money for a product
> you CLAIM "works better" but then offer no scientific proof, just claims of
> "hundreds of users" being "satisfied." I'm sure any maker of any record
> cleaner that has been for sale a number years can claim "hundreds of users"
> being "satisfied," since they're still in business. This does not prove the
> superiority of those products any more than your claims prove the
> superiority of your product. And you talk of your academic degrees. OK,
> fine, we're glad you went to lots of school and have some customers. You'll
> never have one in me, because you have now twice personally flamed me on a
> public list. I hope this kind of conduct hurts your business, it certainly
> proves what a miserable nasty person you are!
> >
> > Also, I withdraw my previous offer to work with you on scientific
> testing of record cleaners. I don't want to do any kind of business with a
> miserable SOB like you, ever, for any reason!
> >
> > -- Tom Fine