Tom posted:

>Although this is arguably the best opportunity we'll ever get to
>remake the bibliographic pie. I would say it's preferable to have
?messy cross-walks now rather than messy pie later.

How we now slice the pie, i.e. what elements should comprise a
bibliographic description, has evolved from Panizzi and culminated in
the ISBD.  I would not like to see that consensus baby coming out of
centuries of experience thrown out with the bath water.

Considering the mistaken posts to this list (e.g., all ISBNs represent
a different manifestation, DVDs never have ISBNs, etc.) I doubt the
outcome of this effort,  Much that is said does not match
bibliographic reality as SLC experiences it.

At least I hope analytic ISBNs (e.g., items in a kit, volumes in a set
or serial) and other genre ISBNs will be addressed in Bibframe as they
have not been by MARC apart from the UTLAS adaptation).

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