Brilliant report!

Would also be nice to see the appendices that do not appear to be included in the linked pdf.


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The Library of Congress has just posted on the BIBFRAME website a new report:  “BIBFRAME AV Assessment: Technical, Structural, and Preservation Metadata”   It was prepared by Kara Van Malssen and Bertram Lyons of AVPreserve under contract to the Library of Congress.  The report studies the state of technical, structural, and preservation metadata for audiovisual resources in the bibliographic environment: This paper makes recommendations about the extent to which BIBFRAME might support the expression of this type of information and where other metadata standards could be used. Because audiovisual resources encompass a wide range of media types, typically with complex structures, and are dependent on an intermediary device to play them, they provide an important use case for evaluating the scope and detail of such information in BIBFRAME. 
The study analyzes the relationship between BIBFRAME and the PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata investigates the applicability for structural and technical descriptions within the bibliographic context, looks at the technical information in MARC 21 and other metadata standards, and provides recommendations on which technical attributes of audiovisual material should be included in the BIBFRAME vocabulary. 
The report consists of a base document with the analysis and recommendations, several appendices examining technical metadata in further detail as well as proposed AV technical metadata for BIBFRAME, and three sets of examples for video, audio and film resources.
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