I have just had a look at the draft proposal on Events, and have a few comments:


Firstly, introducing a separate class for events is a good thing, in my opinion. Event is a fundamental concept, just as concepts like agent, place and time, - and should be possible to represent by BIBFRAME.


That said, I have some concerns about how bf:Event is modelled so far:

·         Not being sure how explicitly point *1.c*of the proposal is meant, I’d just like to point out that events may play other roles than being the *subject* of some work, even in the bibliographical universe. For example,  it might be useful to represent  life-cycle events of a work (launching, publication, recording) explicitly in some cases. At any rate we should take care that the Event class is not modelled in such a way that one specific role is assumed.

·         Bf:Content:  It might be my lack of knowledge about BIBFRAME, but I am not able to see what bf:Content contributes other than extra (unnecessary)  complexity…

o   Firstly,  it is problematic to constrain something as general-sounding as Content to be a capture of an Event.

o   Secondly, if bf:depicts/bf:captures are defined as properties of both Work and Event (like their parent bf:subject) with expected value *any resource* (instances of any BIBFRAME class, including Work), there should be no need for bf:Content. This way, bf:depicts/bf:captures could also be used to represent the fact that some works capture other works (e.g. photographs of paintings).

o   Lastly, seeing that the existing subclasses of Work are more or less disjunct, bf:Content will create confusion, as it clearly overlaps several of the existing subclasses.

Referring to the examples in the draft proposal, following my suggestion only involve removing the bf:Content reference .  It will also be possible to represent events as a work where appropriate, without losing the possibility to express information about capturing (could be relevant in Example 3 for the reenactment event).


Best regards,


Oddrun Pauline Ohren

Senior adviser

National library of Norway

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