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> On 1/27/16 10:32 AM, Joseph Kiegel wrote:
>> BIBFRAME is well suited for exchange among cultural heritage organizations.
> Personally, I'm thinking that it's too early to declare victory on that. Maybe it's better to say that it has potential.

It might even be better to declare defeat:) The  CIDOC Common Reference Model (CRM) (ISO standard), and the related FRBRoo  (not ISO - unsure of IFLA) are quite a bit more mature than the current  bibframe outputs. It is not implausible that restarting the bibframe initiatives using this model as a basis would give better results, and take less effort. 

It is not necessary to use the entire model for each project ; the CRM can serve as a conceptual model for interoperability.The British Museum has a number of active projects based on the CRM.  They are experienced with Rosetta Stones.

See http://www.cidoc-crm.org .

Tutorial document is here: http://www.cidoc-crm.org/cidoc_tutorial/index.html

The erlangen mappings from the rdfs files to OWL 2: