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The announcement below has just been posted on the RSC website.

Regards, Judy Kuhagen
Secretary, RDA Steering Committee

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New Protocol with NDMSO and Other Updates

The RSC is pleased to announce the publication of a protocol with the Library of Congress Network Development and MARC Standards Office (NDMSO). It is a light-weight agreement "to support communication between the editorial processes of the RSC and the NDMSO in order to improve synchronization of relevant MARC 21 documentation with changes to RDA vocabularies and designators, and to support semantic interoperability between data compatible with RDA and data compatible with the MARC 21 formats."

The document filename is RSC/Chair/15.

The other protocols with the FRBR Review Group, ISBD Review Group, and ISSN International Centre have been amended to update references to the former names of the RSC and RDA Board, with new document filenames in the RSC/Chair sequence:

Other documents in the old JSC6/Chair sequence have also been amended to reflect the name changes, with some minor clarification of the wording in the terms of reference for the RDA Examples Editor and the RSC Music Working Group, and published with new document filenames. All documents in the RSC/Chair sequence can be found at http://rda-rsc.org/RSC-Chair.