Mishap is an understatement, but disaster may be too strong.  Last Friday while contractors were working at the Embassy they dropped something on the roof our building. The Embassy claimed there was no damage to the building.  That may have been true before the weekend rains.  People arrived for regular work week discovered a ceiling damaged by water with damage to boxes and books in the vicinity.   Luckily Khun Sunantha was not at her desk because we may have had a hurt employee.


The Bangkok staff have been working to inventory the damage and cost of materials lost to water damage.  The rug titles are being replaced (we are getting regular titles to avoid mold) and a new desk will be ordered.  The contractor will be required to pay for all the damages including all titles acquired for the program.  Once we have a list of the damaged titles we will re-order.  Unfortunately, these titles were at the final stage of processing – shipment. That will result in a delay of shipping from the Bangkok office.


I want to commend everyone in the office who moved quickly to avoid additional problems and damage. 


The Embassy is now installing the new titles. For those of you who visit, you know there are two rooms/sections to the office. The ceiling breach was in the back room. We all know that carpets in the tropics can carry mold. Therefore we decided to use the disruption an opportunity to re-tile the front portion of the office. Therefore our services will be limited over the next week as we review and repair the damage.


Thank you for continued support.