The Quarrymen tape was sold to Apple/EMI. In that case however the
recording on the tape was the big selling point as there were no other
copies. Which is not the case here.

On the other hand the tape machine that recorded them in Hamburg at the
Star Club & another machine used to make a copy tape sent to Brian Epstein
by Ted Taylor and a separate lot with duplicates of the original tape and
various other associated tapes belonging to the producer of the 1977
Lingasong album failed to sell so you never know.  Apple were offered the
tapes but weren't interested, probably because the majority of the audio is
already out there. - The original Star Club tape does survive but is to
fragile to play. Due to this it wasn't included in the lot.

The Beatles did sue over the Hamburg tapes and lose in the 70's, but they
won when they tried again in the 90's (see the articles Dr Hans Olof
Gottfridsson and I wrote for Record Collector last year for more info)

These are apparently confirmed as from the Decca sessions. Hello Little
Girl was issued on the Beatles Anthology 1  (along with 4 others from the
tape) before it fell out of copyright. Till There Was You wasn't and has
fallen out of copyright, but a scratchy acetate is never going to sound as
good as the tape version that is readily available.on ridiculous numbers of
bootlegs. Of the 15 songs recorded 10 have never been officially released.

To answer Tom's question about the Decca Tape as far as it can be. We don't
know for sure what still exists. It is believed that Apple may have Brian
Epstein's copy of the tape, but this could be a dupe made by Decca rather
than the master as he was apparently given a copy at the end of the session
- as no decision was made about the band at that point the master would
have remained at Decca, Of course it's possible he was given the master
after they had been turned down, but nobody seems to be sure. It isn't
known where the 'bootlegged' version of the tape comes from, but they all
originate from a tape that has the same damage or break in "September in
the Rain" I've spoken to a few 'Beatle' experts, but nobody seems to know.
Although I've just realized that there is someone else I know who might, I
'll ask.

As I said before this is an important artifact, but Holy Grail.......? Will
be very interesting to see what it sells for.

By the way my name is Richard Moore. My personal e-mail doesn't like
ARSCLIST - keeps bouncing it - so I have to use a business e-mail instead.