Re: "Blue Network" Orchestra,

The broadcasts originated at the Ritz (now Walter Kerr) Theater, 219 W.
48th Street, in Manhattan. The orchestra was specially contracted and could
have drawn personnel from various NYC orchestras. The Blue Network name did
not survive beyond final approval by FCC of the NBC/ABC split, when WABC in
NY (the CBS station) became WCBS and the former NBC frequency for its Blue
Network became WABC, the flagship of the new ABC network.


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> Hi, Mark,
> The likely organization is the C.B.S. Symphony Orchestra if they had not
> been disorchestraed by then.  I think Bernard Herrmann still had a weekly
> conducting gig with them though the name of the program was changed from
> time to time.
> Steve
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> Would anyone on the list have information regarding the ABC "Blue Network"
> Orchestra that Beecham conducted in a series of weekly concerts in April,
> 1945?  I know that ABC had by that time recently acquired the Blue Network
> from NBC, but was it still using the NBC Symphony for these broadcasts, a
> house pick-up orchestra, or some other ensemble?  And, if a house
> orchestra,
> where did the broadcasts originate?  I've heard a bit of one of the
> broadcasts, which has Milton Cross announcing.  Thanks in advance for any
> light that could be shed on this.
> Mark Obert-Thorn

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