Hi All:

I am about to transfer a small pile of Quad reel tapes, and wanted to revisit this question -- which 
also applies to full-track and 2-track tapes -- will I get better results playing the tapes 
tails-to-heads (in reverse) and then reversing the digital file (back-to-front), and of course 
assigning the correct tracks to the correct channels (the tape would be upside-down if played 
backwards, so 1=4, 2=3, 3=2 and 4=1). I have read commentary that playing a reel backwards allows 
for sharper wave fronts and thus crisper dynamics. It seems like it wouldn't _hurt_ anything to play 
the tapes backwards, but I would like more info from the tape-playback experts.

Important to note - I know this can't be done with NR-encoded tapes, that those must be played 
forward (the regular way) for the NR decoder to work properly. But what about if I transferred the 
tape backward and then send the digital audio out to the decoder, is there any reason that would 
work? (I don't think so, but wanted to ask the experts).

Thanks in advance for facts/discussion about this topic.

-- Tom Fine