What is ECR?

Wangeman also recorded off-site.  Theodore Thomas at  the Orange NJ Opera
House on one their visits and part of an all-Beethoven program played by von
Buelow in Boston.  None of this has survived, according to Jerry Fabris.


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depends on what you mean by "late in the game."
 He (Edison) cooperated with Wangemann's commercial recording  activities
(on site) as early as 1889-1892, and the titles/artists have  been published
in ECR (day by day).
  Sadly the Walt Whitman recording didn't work out...
Allen K.
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And  Edison really thought his new machine would be confined to secretaries
as a  dictation aid. He wasn't keen on its phonographic uses until very late
in the  game, but he stuck with it once he saw the possibilities.