Hopefully Tom can answer a couple of questions..


1.       I've been sorting through a deceased friend's collection and I
noticed there were many different colored labels in addition to the normal
Dark Plum or later Red labels. There's the common white label promo, but
I've also found Pink, Green, Yellow and Gold labels in place of the normal
plum or red labels on stereo SR series discs. Some say promo and some don't.
Any significance in this? I know some of the early mono Mercuries have the
Gold Label and I think so does the Civil War sets, but these are not those.

2.       Do you know if the Dorati/Minneapolis Copland 3rd in the most
recent Mercury box has the uncut version of the finale? From what I
understand, every recording from the late 50's on use Leonard Bernstein's
cuts from the late 40's, even the 2 Copland led recordings. 


Thanks for any light you can shed on this.



Eric Nagamine