First of all, I agree with Maurice that the definition given in the Encyclopedia of Popular Music is 
too wide, I would say it's so wide as to be useless.

Second, note the map linked by Leo below. Click on the central "location" of Heavy Metal and it 
begins with ... Black Sabbath! Tony Iommi was definitely listening to and influenced by the hard 
blues-rock that many English kids playing guitars were into back then, but he invented a new kind of 
guitar sound that was married to a new kind of lyric and song structure that was not as close to 
1-4-5 blues as the harder rock n roll and amplified blues widely heard elsewhere in the UK and US at 
that time.

My point is that metal is a distinctive kind of rock music. I wouldn't say it's a whole different 
genre, like say disco or folk music, but it's not rock n roll and it's not hard rock.

I'm so happy that Wall Street Journal article got a discussion going on this forum. I can tell you 
that heavy metal music does overlap with ARSC interests. In fact, I know an ARSC member who was 
hired to archive a massive pile of tapes and other media from a well-known thrash-metal band.

-- Tom Fine

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This map may provide some guidance on the topic:

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> It is very strange to be reading about heavy metal on this list! Primarily
> it is something I never want to hear again (never did in the first place!),
> partly it is not old collectible “vintage” music - though maybe 30 years
> makes it qualified? But not “world music” as I know that label - world
> music is non-western, non-classical, usually ethnic and made by native
> people, not Englishmen plying variations on rock music!
> But hey, if it qualifies, can we talk about the new Stan Getz/Joao
> Gilberto album, Getz/Gilberto ’76? Just released recordings from the old
> Keystone Korner in SF. That is some of my favorite kind of music! It MUST
> be world music, and vintage collectible too! :-)
> <L>