Thank you, Ted!

Please tell me where one can purchase an original spec Teac belt for that model.


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Troubles with this transport frequently come down to the capstan belt, which is straightforward to replace if you go about it carefully and use an original spec Teac part. Also, check that the various slides and pivots are free - the factory grease can turn into Loctite, and this throws the pressures out at best and gums things up completely at worst.

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> Greetings, everyone
> We (the RSA) have a TEAC X-1000R giving me a bit of trouble.
> When playing tape in forward direction the tape sometimes slips of the 
> head, however, when playing the tape in reverse direction it plays just 
> fine.
> Can anyone perform a remote diagnoses?
> Thanks.
> Ben Roth
> Recorded Sound Archives
> Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton