Ted Kendall:

>I think the first A301s were styled "Dolby S/N Stretcher", which I suppose 
>is logical. Decca's tape box labels had a tick box for "stretched".

Yes, indeed.

"Dolby S/N Stretcher" "Dolby Signal to Noise Stretcher"

Meaning that the available dynamic range defined as the max level before typically 3 % k3 and the measured noise in relation to the max level has been "Stretched" or simply increased.

Or in other words.

Less tape hiss relative the peak recorded level.

BTW, the Dolby could not care less if it decodes a 5th generation tape copy where all previous tape copies was done without the Dolby.

When finally decoding the 5th generation copy it will, within its capabilities, try to reduce all noise added from all the generation copies, not present in the original input source.

But any frequency response errors + all the generation tape distortion will make the fifth copy after decoding sound a bit tired if I may say so.

In the analogue world the tape copy will sound audibly worse than the original master tape no matter how you try to make the copy tape.


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