Exactly! There is a distinct Linked Open Data workflow:

     Create (meeting local system requirements)
       -> Publish (in multiple schema)
       -> Subscribe (to wanted schema from trusted sources)
       -> Ingest/Validate/Create (meeting local system requirements)

Public vocabularies like Bibframe and RDA/RDF exist primarily for use in 
metadata interchange, and as a starting point for local aggregation and 
extension. Your project is an excellent demonstration of this reality.

On 8 Feb 2016, at 11:13, Joseph Kiegel wrote:

> ...input and output should not be directly tied to each other.  
> Rather, a cataloging system should have sufficient flexibility to 
> output in multiple schemas, which can be achieved in an automated 
> way.  This will facilitate the exchange of data at the level of 
> granularity needed by different audiences.