How might I go about creating/writing BIBFRAME data?

Okay. I could sit around forever and a day debating the strengths & weaknesses of our increasing number of bibliographic description frameworks such as RDA, FRBR, and various flavors of RDF (BIBFRAME,, CIDOC-CRM, etc.). But let’s just suppose I thought BIBFRAME was the “cat’s meow”. How would I go about creating my BIBFRAME data? Is it a matter of “simply” creating a RDF triple editor? Or maybe I:

  1. dump all of my existing data as MARCXML, and then use the example transformer to convert everything into triples

  2. take the transformed data and filter it through some sort of “kewl” smart application that would guess URIs thus reducing the number of literals in the RDF

  3. have a human go through and try to clean things up

  4. dump the whole thing into a triple store (database) and then provide a search engine (SPARQL) interface accordingly

I know greater minds have been here before me. How would y’all suggest one go about creating BIBFRAME data?

Eric Lease Morgan
Lost Somewhere In Philadelphia