Hi Carol,
We will have a continued interest in collecting Chinese language materials on a fairly large scale as I am sure Virginia does for the University of California at Berkeley. I am guessing that it would be a good idea to have one university on the west coast and one university on the east coast, or one in the mid-west to pick this material up. I think CAPSEA members could work with you to decide how to keep this continuing so that if a participant somewhere down the road can no longer collect, that we can convince another institution to pick this material up. But I am sure you have Yale’s commitment (we should work out some sort of time period that we should be trying to commit to…5 years?) and I’ll bet you have Berkeley’s if not others. It may turn out to be more of a Black Friday sale where we are all trying to get part of the responsibility. That would be better than no-one willing to take it on! I just don’t think people will be disinterested!

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Library of Congress has reduced its collecting level of Chinese language materials published outside of China. The Asian Division will be very selective in the titles it selects from Southeast Asia.  CAPSEA needs to designate either one or two libraries to assume this role of library of last resort for those library resources no longer acquired by the Library of Congress.  If more than one library can assume this responsibility, we will divide receipts as evenly as possible to ensure continued national-level access to the materials.  I am working to develop a workflow and cost estimate in order to ensure the continued development of this body of library resources.
This will certainly be a topic at the upcoming meeting (a fuller agenda is forthcoming). In the meantime, those interested should contact me. It will help me with the planning.