I thought I would share my summer schedule.  Anyone traveling in Indonesia, may stay with my if I am in Jakarta. I can also plan a librarian or other sort of reception/meeting if that would further any of your goals.


This is my long summer holiday year.  I will be in the US from end of May, May 24th, until mid-July, July 14. 


I will have done most of my administrative travel before leaving for the summer. I will conduct one acquisitions trip (probably early August) to Surabaya/Malang in an effort to find vendor or bibliographic representative.


I also need to go to Vietnam and may do that in late August.  My hope is to have a Head of Acquisitions by that time to accompany me. If any of you are traveling, please let me know. 


I can try adjust my schedule to meet any requests from you for meetings.


Other travel in the office:


Acquisitions will be traveling to Timor Leste either right before or after Ramadan/Eid.  We need to figure out how to get books from there to here.


Ramadan/Eid fall early summer June 6/7 through July 6th.  That is not a good time to travel in Indonesia.  Many will start departing for their home villages the last week of June.  Malaysia will be quite the first two weeks of July.


No matter when you are traveling, let us know so we can help with your plans.