The ISO committee working on the new version of 8601 has completed the first phase of its work and has produced two committee drafts, ISO 8601 parts 1 and 2.

These two documents are not yet public but I have been given permission to distribute them to this group, which I have referred to during our work as "the community group that developed the EDTF spec".  You may share these within your company for purposes of review and comment, but please do not distribute these outside. They have not yet had any review outside of the committee and they are subject to change as a result of the coming review.

I don't have details yet of the review process, but I will share the details when I know more.  You will have an opportunity to comment.

The documents are available at:

The first document,  referred to as "Part 1"  of 8601,  is not much more than the old 8601, with a few defects corrected.  The old 8601 had no part numbers because there was only one part.   The second document, "Part 2", has the new extensions being introduced.

I include part 1 for reference purposes. There is no  need to review it.  Since 8601 is an established standard, comments on part 1 are unlikely to be accepted if they introduce any instability.

In part 2, section 4 is EDTF levels 1 and 2, although EDTF is not mentioned in that section.  (Section 5 "Repeat rules for recurring time intervals" is an extension unrelated to EDTF.)  Annexes B and C are about profiles.  B introduces the concept of profiles, and C is the EDTF profile. It introduced level 0, which is not mentioned in section 4 because none of the level 0 features is an extension.

Although the process so far has been smooth and the committee has been very cooperative and receptive to these extensions I cannot predict how they  will be received by ISO at large or the public.  But I am pleased that we finally have something concrete, visible in ISO, and I thank you all for your work and perseverance.