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Daintith, John. 1977. *A dictionary of physical sciences*. New York: Pica

Mark, Herman Francis, Norman Grant Gaylord, and Norbert M. Bikales.
1964-1972. *Encyclopedia of polymer science and technology: plastics,
resins, rubbers, fibers. *New York: Interscience. 16 volumes.

Morris, Christopher G. 1992. *Academic Press dictionary of science and
technology*. San Diego: Academic Press.

Rollins, John P. 1988. *Compressed air and gas handbook*. Englewood Cliffs,
N.J.: Prentice Hall. 5th edition.

Stewart, Harry L., Tom Philbin, and Harry L. Stewart. 1984. *Pneumatics and
hydraulics*. Indianapolis: T. Audel.

Summers, Wilford I., and John H. Watt. 1981. *American electricians'
handbook*. New York: McGraw-Hill. 10th edition.

United States. December 1977. *Inventory of power plants in the United
States*. Washington: U.S. Dept. of Energy, Office of Utility Project
Operations. DOE/RA-001.

United States. 1982. *Inventory of power plants in the United States. 1981
annual*. Washington, D.C.: Energy Information Administration.

United States. 1990. *Inventory of power plants in the United States 1989*.
Washington, D.C.: Energy Information Administration. DOE/EIA-0095(89)

*Who's who in technology today*. 1980. Pittsburgh, Pa: Technology
Recognition Corp.  Six volumes: Vol. 1: Electrical and related technologies
– Vol. 2: Mechanical and related technologies – Vol. 3: Chemical and
related technologies – Vol. 4: Civil and earth sciences – Vol. 5: Physics
and related technologies – Vol. 6: Biomedical and general technology.

Perry, Robert H., and John Howard Perry. 1976. *Engineering manual: a
practical reference of design methods and data in building systems,
chemical, civil, electrical, mechanical, and environmental engineering and
energy conversion*. New York: McGraw-Hill. 3rd edition.

*IBM engineering and scientific subroutine library: guide and reference
release 4*. 1990. New York: IBM Corp. 3 vols.

Seelye, Elwyn E. 1945-47. *Data book for civil engineers*. New York: J.
Wiley. 3 volumes. [v. 1] Design (1945).--[v. 2] Specifications and costs
(1946).--[v. 3] Field practice (1947).

Seelye, Elwyn E. 1957-. *Data book for civil engineers.*New York: Wiley. 3rd
edition.  3 volumes. [v. 1] Design (1960).--[v. 2] Specifications and costs
(1957).--[v. 3] Field practice (1954-2nd edition)

Cambridge Scientific Abstracts, Inc. 1977-. *EIS cumulative*. [Washington]:
Information Resources Press. *7  volumes*. Vols. 1979, 1980, 1981, 1983 &
1984 prepared by the staff of Herner and Company.  Vols. 1985 & 1986
prepared by Cambridge Scientific Abstracts.