NLS Operations Alert

No. 16-22

DATE          :  February 19, 2016
TO                :  Network Libraries
FROM         :  Tamara Rorie, Braille Specialist, Materials Development Division
SUBJECT   :  Unified English Braille: Additional titles

As stated in Operations Alert 15-109, beginning with book number BR21266 all braille titles will be transcribed in Unified English Braille (UEB). One of our producers began transcribing books in UEB earlier than the official launch date of January 4, 2016. So, in addition to the fifty or so UEB books that have already been uploaded to BARD, there are a few hard-copy titles in UEB that have book numbers that precede BR21266. These books can be identified by a large sticker on their spine that says "UEB." These books will be loaded onto BARD and will be designated as "Unified English Braille" under the subject-matter listing.

For more information contact:
Tamara Rorie
Braille Specialist
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