NLS Operations Alert

No. 16-17

DATE          :    February 3, 2016
TO                :    Network Libraries
FROM         :    Meredith Beckhardt, Head, Reference Section
SUBJECT   :    Correction: New documents released in January 2016

The following new or revised documents are available from NLS:

At the Multistate Centers*:

 *   Braille Displays and Notetakers, braille, stock number CR029B
 *   News, October-December 2015, large print, stock number MS4136

At the Inventory Management Section (IMS)*:

 *   BARD Mobile for Android User Guide, braille, stock number CR040B
 *   Braille Embossers, braille, stock number CR011B

*When ordering materials via the IMS/WOW system, please specify the appropriate location in the "Ship from ORG" field.

This corrects Operations Alert 16-14, sent February 2, 2016, which incorrectly said the BARD Mobile for Android User Guide and Braille Embossers were available from the Multistate Centers.

For more information contact:
Meredith Beckhardt
Head, Reference Section
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