NLS Operations Alert


No. 16-18


DATE          :  February 8, 2016

TO                :  Network Libraries

FROM         :  Joel Phillips, Assistant Head, Production Control Section

SUBJECT   :  Recall for Reuse (R4R) 2016



Network Libraries shall continue to send copies of digital talking books (DBs) to the NLS contractor, ForSight Vision Center in York, Pennsylvania, as part of the Recall for Reuse (R4R) program. Each library is required to return a specified quantity of cartridges and containers related to the quantity it has received from NLS. Network consultants will inform libraries of the quantity of cartridges and containers they are required to return for recycling by December 31, 2016.


The DBs shall only be returned in standard sized 12" x 10" x 9" corrugated cardboard boxes, called 44s, which are available from the multistate center (stock number SH138). Each box holds four stacks of eleven DB containers. No individual address cards are required on the copies.


Attached to this alert is a mailing label for the return boxes that may be copied, appropriately modified, and printed. Simply replace the address in the upper left-hand corner with your own, change the 24-point “LIBCODE” (library code) to your library’s code, and delete the text “e.g. NY1A.” Attach the label to the top of the box with clear packing tape so that the USPS can open the package and check the contents without destroying the label. (Any box opened by the post office will be resealed.)


Please ensure that your library’s return address and CMLS code are shown on the mailing labels affixed to the boxes. If the contractor cannot identify the library sending the cartridges, that library will not be credited for their return.


Report shipments using the form at Enter the library code, date, and number of boxes (44s) shipped. You may review the total number of boxes you have shipped at and review the number of boxes that ForSight has received at


A number of libraries have requested to send additional copies of digital books for recycling. NLS permits this and will credit the library for all copies received in the specified boxes.


Note: If your library wishes to send additional DBs for recycling, send an e-mail to [log in to unmask] with the number of copies and when they will be available.


If your library can obtain 12" x 10" x 9" corrugated cardboard boxes that hold 30 to 40 pounds and have a 30- to 50-percent bursting strength (shipping specifications recommended by USPS), you may use them to ship your copies. This product is available from (product code S-4336), but you may use a different supplier if the boxes meet the above standards. Please be certain that you include only 44 copies in each box and that your library code (e.g., AL1A, KY1A, etc.) is included on the outside of the box, so ForSight can credit your library for the 44 DB copies.


Attachment: DB recall label [MS Word (.docx) / 1 p.]


For more information contact:

Joel Phillips

Assistant Head, Production Control Section

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