Hello all,

I have the honor of cataloging our newest planetary globes at Brooks Library. One set will be circulating and the second set will be non-circulating.  I am not sure how to approach the task, other than creating a record in OCLC, adjusting header/leader to represent globes, putting in our local location with RDA standards, but as it comes from our GovPubs department, I'm just not feeling confident.

In addition, I am using RDA standards.

Before I begin my research in this new challenge, I am hopeful that some of you are familiar with cataloging globes and will share with us your best practices.

Thank you for sharing. 



Julie Carmen

Assistant Professor |Cataloging & Digital Initiatives Librarian

James E. Brooks Library, Rm 103B

400 East University Way

Central Washington University

Ellensburg, WA 98926