I'm coming into the discussion late. Since our campus has the Robert Mondavi Institute for Wine and Food Science and the UC Davis World Food Center, I thought our catalog might reflect some material on artisanal foods. A search on "artisanal" in the 245 (including subtitles) brought some unexpected results!

9 titles which include "artisanal fisheries" (LCSH: Small-scale fisheries)

2 titles on cocktails

1 title on cheese which includes "artisanal system"

1 title on guitar making

1 title on boatbuilding

1 title which includes "artisanal mining"

1 title on manufacturing which includes "artisanal shop" (LCSH: Industrial productivity)

1 title on "artisanal foods" (Small batch : pickles, cheese, chocolate, spirits, and the return of artisanal foods / Suzanne Cope)

It seems that the last title could give literary warrant for a food related heading.


Michael Colby
Principal Cataloger
UC Davis Library
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