Hi there PREMIS Implementors,

I'm Brian Balsamo, the Digital Accessions Specialist in Special Collections at the University of Chicago library. Recently I've written up the beginnings of a PREMISv3 python library we intend to use for applications in our digital repository. In writing this library I've stumbled across what I believe are several differences between the data dictionary for PREMISv3 and the .xsd XML validation file that was recently published.

Discrepancies between the data dictionary and the provided .xls that I've run into are as follows:

In regards to the first two points: The data dictionary does specify in regards to extensions that "If any semantic unit is not used it should be omitted, rather than an empty schema element included" (Data Dictionary, page 28). Does this also apply in the case of non-extension elements? I could find no definitive answer.

If the answer to the above is that empty non-extension elements should be omitted would it be the case that signatureInformation should specify an "at least one of signature or signatureInformationExtension" clause in its Usage Notes? This relation would be implicit if that were the case. This would address point 3.

Have I missed anything in identifying these? Assuming I haven't, is this the correct place to ask for clarification on these issues?

Thanks very much,

Brian Balsamo

Digital Accessions Specialist

Special Collections Research Center

University of Chicago Library

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