Hi all,

Some of you may be vaguely aware of some of the things I have been working
on over the past few years, using Linked Open Data methodologies and a
SPARQL endpoint to integrate authority records (EAC-CPF) with various
digital archival holdings (namely, EAD, but also MODS and TEI). We have
recently extended this system to link authorities with various other
concepts represented by URIs in EBooks we are publishing to our digital
library as part of the NEH/Mellon Humanities Open Book Project, as well as
displaying resources within our numismatic database
Some of these things are discussed on, which
is a largely technical blog about applying XForms and linked data to
archival information systems (EADitor, xEAC).

I have not yet presented these recent advances with SPARQL formally, but
will do so next week at the Computer Applications in Archaeology
conference. The slideshow is uploaded to and the
abstract is here

I will be writing a paper (Open Access, of course) later this summer, if
anyone is interested in reading about all the nuts and bolts of ontologies,
SPARQL, and information architecture underlying these integrated systems.