These are a few of the bugs and questions I’ve come across with the Basic Viewer template (I haven’t really found any issues with the other templates yet):

-          In Firefox, when you click the legend to hide it, it cannot be reopened by clicking on it again.

o   Calvin, this is the error you mentioned in yesterday’s meeting. I’ve tried this in IE 11and I don’t see the problem there. I know this system is built-for and “best viewed” in IE, but I thought I’d point this out again, so that perhaps down the road the maps won’t be so dependent on IE.

-          When I configure the “Subtitle” text in Basic Viewer, where exactly is this text going? I don’t see it anywhere. (Am I going crazy?)

-          In Basic Viewer for both IE and Firefox, the top bar text of the pop-up windows that tells you what “page” of the menu you’re on (ex. “(1 of 3), (2 of 3),” etc.) is cut in half by the pop-up menu itself. An example is below:

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-          In the Basic Viewer template, just wondering if it’s possible to add any sort of text box, or extra information to the legend to help provide more context in explaining the legend/map contents? (If not I guess it’s “Basic” Viewer for a reason).


That’s what I have for now, if you have any questions just let me know.




Tim St. Onge


Geography and Map Division

Library of Congress


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