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Opening this up to anyone that may have suggestions:


I am organizing the latest (December) IHS Energy data for upload into RAP. The data I have uploaded includes all the shapefiles converted into feature classes in four feature datasets:

-          IHS_Basins_Dec2015: Worldwide Basins

-          IHS_Emissions_Dec2015: Worldwide Cultural

-          IHS_MUEP_Dec2015: Worldwide Midstream & Upstream, Exploitation & Production

-          IHS_Wells_Dec2015: Worldwide Wells


However there are a bunch of DBF files that provide extra information that could be useful in analyses but are separated from the original shapefiles. They are meant to be joined to the shapefile when needed, it seems. For example, the shapefile for olefin plants includes some general location data but a separate “olefin_plant_capacities.dbf” file contains operating status, throughput capacities, ownership, and other useful information. I wish I could store these DBFs alongside the related feature classes within a feature dataset, but I guess they can only be stored at the geodatabase level, which would be very unorganized and unruly. Mass joins of the DBFs would mean a lot of data manipulation and take A LOT of time.


Any thoughts on a way around this?






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Geography and Map Division

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