I'm not really happy with LRM-R13:
Res - has appellation/is appellation of - Nomen
with the cardinality 1 to M (Draft, p. 49).

The scope note says: "In general, the appellation relationship would be 
many-to-many, however, in the context of a particular library system, 
the intention is that each nomen is used in an unambiguous sense by 
being associated with a single res."

One thing that bothers me about this is that it doesn't show the reality 
of the bibliographic universe, but a reality which has already been, as 
it where, "bent" to conform to librarians' ideals. In the bibliographic 
universe, there are, for example, different authors who happen to have 
the same name. This is why there is a difference between a "preferred 
name" (which may occur several times) and an "authorized access point" 
(which we're supposed to construct in a way to make it unique). But this 
fact of the bibliographic universe is simply excluded by FRBR-LRM, and 
the distinction between a name and a unique identifier is lost (both are 
examples for "nomen").

But even if we accept this, I don't think it works in practice.

1. What about undifferentiated names? Here, we use the same "nomen" for 
perhaps several persons whom we are unable to distinguish. Would this 
(to my mind, necessary) practice still be allowed under LRM?

2. What about the "nomens" of manifestations? As we can see from the 
scope note to LRM-A25 (p. 38), a spine title is an example for a nomen. 
So I assume that the title proper is also a "nomen" of a manifestation. 
If this reading is correct, then of course there are lots of different 
manifestations with the same "nomen" - not only different manifestations 
of the same work, but also manifestations of different works which 
happen to have the same title proper. In library tradition, we've never 
distinguished between identical titles proper belonging to different 
manifestations (unlike preferred titles of works, which RDA indeed 
demands to be distinguished if they happen to be identical). Are we 
supposed to start now?


Prof. Heidrun Wiesenmueller M.A.
Stuttgart Media University
Nobelstrasse 10, 70569 Stuttgart, Germany